Daily Deposit Account

This scheme is featured by a daily saving plan. In this scheme an investor can save minimum of Indian Rupee Symbol 10/- or plus on daily basis. We have authorized agents to collect amount from investors from their resident or their business places on daily basis. Daily agents are provided with computerised machinery for the passbook updating. Investor's passbook will be scrutinised once in every three months at their nearest branch. Investors are assured of risks against fraud.

Duration Interest Rate
1 Year 6.00%
2 Years 7.00%
*Please Note:
  1. If you withdraw your money before completing investment locking period then organisation will charge 3% penalty.
  2. You should invest your money atleast for six months after completion of six month you will get 3 % interest.
*Terms and Conditions Apply.
Documents Required
Types Documents
Photo Identification Election Identity Card / S.T. Discount Identity Card / PAN Card / Office Identity Card
Residential Proof Light Bill / Ration Card / Aadhar Card / Telephon Bill
*Terms and Conditions Apply.
About Scheme
  1. Person should be member of organisation for opening a account or Paid entry fee.
  2. Person's age should have 18 years completed. If person's age is less than 18 years then take a signature of guardian.
  3. At the account opening time account holder whether literate or illiterate, but reference person should be old account holder of organisation.
  4. Account will be opened after confirmation of branch manager
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